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Buying an older property or a listed building?

A Building Survey will provide you with a very comprehensive and detailed survey of the property that you are intending to buy. It examines the main structural elements of the property and provides more detail on the building's construction and any visible defects that may require repair or attention. It is suitable for larger, older types of building built before 1850 and for any listed houses and more complex properties.

How can a Building Survey

help you?


If you are considering buying an older, listed or a complex/unusual property, you can rely on a Building Survey to tell you everything you need to know about its condition. This also applies to buildings constructed using older materials such as timber framing or older stone buildings.

It is important to consider the Building Survey if your potential purchase has been subject to extensive alterations or has been significantly extended. The property is inspected in detail and a report is prepared on its condition, outlining any maintenance in a structured format.


Assess your outgoings

A Building Survey will help you to identify any potential  major items of expenditure before you commit to purchase and will help you to prepare a schedule to allow any repairs or renovations to be undertaken.

This is helpful because it can be in accordance with your own individual timescale and budget. A valuation of the property is not normally included in a Building Survey but can be provided separately if you require.



Please get in touch with Mike Kidder Associates Limited if you need extra guidance on what a Building Survey can provide, or if you are unsure as to what type of survey you need.

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