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Helping you understand potential risks

A detailed survey from Mike Kidder Associates, can offer you advice on potential risks to your property.

Advice on structural movement

Structural movement in buildings is a complex matter that can be caused by a variety of local factors on site. This could include the proximity of trees, damaged drains or by the shrinkage of foundation materials in prolonged drought conditions. A survey can help to identify any structural movement and we can advise you on what steps need to be taken to address the problems. This is important if you are to avoid problems on resale or in obtaining adequate insurance cover.

Discovering asbestos

Asbestos is harmful to people if disturbed and requires specialist contractors for removal of the material to ensure that all traces of asbestos are removed safely and in accordance with industry regulations.


Our surveys can identify asbestos materials in buildings and give you a warning that it is present. Advice can also be given for its treatment and removal.

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Damp & timber decay

In many older buildings there are often issues with damp and timber decay. These can occur from a lack of maintenance or by inappropriate alterations to structures, allowing damp to affect the fabric such as internal walls, floors and roof timbers. The damage can be considerable and often difficult to remedy due to the disruption involved in repairing the affected materials. The report will help identify

these issues and give guidance on obtaining

specialist advice towards getting the repairs undertaken.


Radon is a naturally occurring gas given off by certain rock types and minerals that can be found all over the country. The gas is heavier than air and consequently it can accumulate in buildings where the ventilation is restricted or obstructed by poor building design or over insulation. This can result in the gas reaching levels where treatment is necessary to reduce the potentially harmful effects of the gas.


A survey can detect the presence of any radon treatments and identify those locations at risk from high radon levels and which may therefore need to be tested.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive non-native weed that has hit the headlines, primarily as a result of the problems for people obtaining a mortgage on properties affected by the weed. The presence of Japanese Knotweed has the potential for boundary disputes where the weed encroaches on neighbouring properties.


A survey can help to identify the presence of Japanese Knotweed and give an early warning of the implications concerned for the property involved.

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